Black Milk x shichigoro 3 – Shark Girl Dress

It’s the third collaboration between shichigoro-shingo and “BlackMilk” which is popular brand of leggings in Australia.

BlackMilk x shichigoro – Shark Girl Dress and Artwork

A product that placed on sale this time is dress “Shark Girl Dress”.
The illustration “shark girl” of this dress is an original artwork that I drew for BlackMilk.

BlackMilk x shichigoro – Shark Girl Dress

Shark Girl Dress

The Shark Girl was the fiercest warrior during the infamous Nylon Wars and saved many hott little boss lives – what better way to commemorate her than put her on a dress and wear her on your torso?
Art by Shichigoro for Black Milk Clothing.

(via: Website of Black Milk)

Shark Girl Dress (BlackMilk) LINK

I drew a illustration like this, because I was requested that draw under the theme of a mecha, a shark and a woman. :)
Please check it, if you are interested. :D LINK
Black Milk Clothing (facebook) LINK