watch more Japan project

shichigoro-shingo’s watch design won an award for “dedegumo” in the watch more Japan project.

“watch more Japan project” is a collaboration project between “” and “dedegumo” which is a workshop of the handmade watch in Kyoto, and It is the competition of watch design.

Winning designs for “Watch more Japan project” to be commercially realized (loftwork) LINK

This is an award-winning work “satorino”.

watch more Japan project - Won an Award of dedegumo


satorino – shichigoro (loftwork) LINK (Japanese Text)

*A concept and details of this design have been described in linked page.


I was also applying other designs like this.

watch more Japan project - shichigoro-shingo

The left : “satorino -scarlet -” / The right : “haguruma”

satorino -scarlet- – shichigoro (loftwork) LINK (Japanese Text)
haguruma – shichigoro (loftwork) LINK (Japanese Text)


Website of dedegumo LINK