→MIRAI→ (Post Mirai) – Cover Art

shichigoro-shingo drew the cover art for “→MIRAI→ (Post Mirai)” which is the TVCM song for Mode Gakuen distributed on iTunes from August 5.

→MIRAI→ (POST MIRAI) – Cover Art - 01

It’s a collaborative song by AA=xJM-0.8, between AA= (aaequal) which is solo project by Takeshi Ueda (Wikipedia(En) LINK) (from The Mad Capsule Markets), and J.M. (from 0.8Syooogeki (Wikipedia(En) LINK)

“Mirai” is a Japanese word meaning “the future”.
This song has a message that Let’s imagine and make the post future and the pre future.

→MIRAI→ (POST MIRAI) – Cover Art - 02

This work reflects the image of the character of AA=. (Based on the pig of Animal Farm by George Orwell.)

→MIRAI→ (Post Mirai) (iTunes) LINK

As Special Project, download the Blippar app on your phone or tablet, open it, and then hold it up to following video (Playing full screen on PC monitor or TV). You can watch the live video of this song.

AA=×JM-0.8 - 「→MIRAI→ (Post Mirai)」 15sec.SPOT

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