House Of Cards – Amsterdam Light Festival

shichigoro-shingo is participating in “House Of Cards” in “Amsterdam Light Festival” which will be held from November 27, 2014 through Junuary 18, 2015 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

House Of Cards is the installation artwork using light boxes of 125 pieces in the shape of a card which is above one meter in height.
Artworks of 40 artist became a design of a card.

Illustrations of my cards are “usa-badge“, “f-007“, “yotsuba” and “usarobo-music“.

House Of Cards – card image shichigoro-shingo

The container with the Cards was transported towards the Netherlands.

Participating Artists

/\ 281 Anti Nuke /\ Alexandros Vasmoulakis /\ Armando Mesías /\ Brent Eastabrook /\ Caia Koopman /\ Connie Lim /\ Dali Roll /\ FinDAC /\ Floksy /\ Françoise Nielly /\ Gaston -Z /\ Herakut /\ Kazuhiko Nakamura /\ Laguna /\ Laura Laine /\ Lital Gold /\ Loretta Lizzio /\ Marthalicia Matarrita /\ Merav Eitan /\ Minjae Lee /\ Monica Sutrisna /\ Naoto Hattori /\ Nicoletta Ceccoli /\ Noumeda Carbone /\ Paris Koutsikos /\ Patrice Murciano /\ Pau Turrona Quintanajornet /\ Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti /\ Ryan Roth /\ Ryohei Hase /\ Ser /\ Shingo Matsunuma /\ Signer /\ Simoni Fontana /\ Skount /\ Suiko1 /\ Vraziotis /\ Wesr /\ Yu Fordy Fu /\ Yuki Matsumura /\ Zed1 /\

The organizer is OGE Creative Group based in Israel that was founded by architect Merav (Salush) Eitan and Gaston Zahr.
You can see some images of when card boxes are being placed, on their facebbok.
Work in Progress | Amsterdam Light Festival by OGE Group (facebook) LINK

House Of Cards is illuminated as darkness sets in.

The video of when House Of Cards was held at Jerusalem in June of this year.

OGE House of Cards - Jerusalem

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 - 2015

Amsterdam Light Festival-logo
Exhibition Date

Thursday, November 27, 2014 – Sunday, Junuary 18, 2015

Opening Hours

Maybe, will be illuminated from 5:00pm.


Amsterdam city


Amsterdam Light Festival LINK

[House Of Cards]


Station Amsterdam Centraal


OGE Creative Group LINK
OGE Group (facebook) LINK

If you are going to this festival, please look for shichigoro’s cards. :)

The photo at night.

The video of “Making of”.

House of Cards - Amsterdam (making of)