WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2

shichigoro-shingo’s artworks are published in “WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2”.
WalkingBlind is art and literature online magazine issued by NevaehVision in USA.
Moreover, I’m glad my work is appeared in the cover.

WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2 - Cover

They are appeared from page 27 to page 30. It’s a nice design.
WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2 - shichigoro-shingo 1

WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2 - shichigoro-shingo 2

And great artworks of many artists are published.
This issue embedded following.

WalkingBlind vol.1 no.2

Website of NevaehVision. You can view other issues too.
www.nevaehvision.com LINK

This website has now closed. But, You can view other issues from following link.
issuu.com/walkingblind LINK