Black Milk × shichigoro コラボ – Mechanical Leggings & Mecha Girl Sad Swimsuit

オーストラリアのレギンスの人気ブランド「Black Milk」と shichigoro-shingo がコラボしましたっ

BlackMilk x shichigoro – Mechanical Leggings & Mecha Girl Sad Swimsuit

水着は「kami-kaze」の画像ですが、レギンスは BlackMilk のための描き下ろしになります。
今は Black Milk のウェブサイトでの販売になりますが、いずれ日本にも輸入されたら嬉しいデス^^

BlackMilk x shichigoro – Mechanical Leggings

Mechanical Leggings

In a world where biomechanical creatures rule the world and humans are being hunted toward extinction, the only way to survive is to blend in. During The Nylon Wars, an alliance between an Australian designer and a Japanese artist resulted in these mechanical leg coverings; these leggings have saved untold lives.
Original artwork by Shichigoro for Black Milk Clothing.

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BlackMilk x shichigoro – Mecha Girl Sad Swimsuit

Mecha Girl Sad Swimsuit

During the Nylon Wars this young mecha girl fought on the side of the Sharkies. No one knows exactly what she sacrificed, but whenever a glimpse is caught of her these days she looks sad like this. Pay tribute to her struggle by wearing her on your torso.
This swimsuit is a collaboration between Black Milk Clothing and artist Shichigoro.

(Black Milk サイトより)

Mecha Girl Sad Swimsuit (BlackMilk) LINK

BlackMilk x shichigoro – Mechanical Leggings 2


Black Milkは過去にもスターウォーズなどの映画やテトリスなどのゲーム、クリムトやエッシャーなどのアート、NASAの宇宙写真とさまざまな楽しいコラボをしています。
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