STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre

shichigoro-shingo is invited and participating in the STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre which is holding at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado, USA.

usa-badge“, “helmet-boy“, “ippuku“, “chibikan“, “kujira-kikai” above 5 artworks are exhibited in the White Gallery.

STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre - shichigoro-shingo

Sorry for the delay in informing It is now being held, in June 7 through September 6.
The exhibition that I’m participating is “Steampunk: History of the Future”, and other Steampunk exhibitions and events are being held at the same time.

shichigoro-shingo’s artworks have come out on the left of back wall in above image. :)

STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre

– Wild Wild West / May 17, Sat – Sept 27, Sat / King Gallery
An exhibition of works from the collections of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center that serve as real life influence for the Old West steampunk genre.

– Steampunk: History of the Future / June 7, Sat – Sept 6, Sat / White Gallery
An invitational exhibition of some of the most prominent steampunk artists from around the world, including Eric Freitas, Nemo Gould, Andrew Chase, Francesca Forzoni, and more.

– Steel City Steampunk / June 7, Sat – Sept 13, Sat / Hoag Gallery
An exhibition of artists juried by world renowned artist and author of “The Steampunk Bible”, Jeff VanderMeer.

– The Invention of Steampunk / June 7, Sat – Sept 13, Sat / Regional and 2nd Floor Foyer Galleries
This exhibit showcases several pieces from places such as the Rosemont Museum, Steelworks Museum and Bessemer Historical Society.

More Info: STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre LINK

STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre - Steampunk: History of the Future

STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre
Exhibition Date

Saturday, June 7 – Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sunday, Monday, Independence Day, Colorado Day, Labor Day

Opening Hours

11:00am – 4:00pm


Sangre de Cristo Arts Center LINK White Gallery



I received exhibition photos. My works are exhibited like this.
STEAMPUNK @ the Sangre - Exhibition Photos